Sitemap - 2023 - FOUND NY

Champagne and getaways

The real estate issue

New Year’s Eve restaurants, ticketed

Over the hills we go

Brighter skies

The gift of a good recommendation

‘Twas the night before, ticketed

Little rest for the weary

Porterhouse for the holidays

Steak and ritual

Holiday shopping, gourmet foods

All the things

Fern, Wildflower, C. Cassis, & Mel's

Six miles at sea

Turn it to 11

Filipino handiwork

Holiday shopping, unique homewares, Manhattan

Blue velvet

The new pearl of Cornelia St.

Taylor would've eaten here

Holiday bar pop-ups

Deep cuts

Desert Ridge, spiced up

Settling in on the South Fork

What time does summer '24 start?

Catch ‘em all

Specialty stores, Manhattan

Vintage pork

Shop smarter

Ticketed truffles

Smash hit

Acadian glory

Deals of the century

Cyber burger

Holiday shopping, super sundries

Bottle service

Rock the Jazba

What follows the most important restaurant of this century?

The restaurant issue

Thanksgiving, day-after

Date nights in New Jersey

A suit of gold

Fire and ice


Berkshires weekend, eating well

The whale wins

Bulge bracket

All the pretty faces

Cocktail couture

Carmellini’s big swing

Martinis, Manhattan

Birds of a feather

The fall's grandest opening

The Sunday Nines

PS, it’s worth it

Subterranean blues

The softening ‘Hamptons middle’

Your piece of the pie

Thanksgiving provisioning

Not their first rodeo

Clubs, new guard

Put it on my tab

FOUND: join our club

Buy us a drink?

Doing it for the Gram

Sundays in the Park

Sports bars, elevated

Sensei and sensibility

FOUND: we have a sister now

Elevated slice shops

Back at the adult table

Love and anchovies

FOUND: ethereal spaghetti

Shopping for a good vintage

Thanksgiving, ticketed

Going residential in Flatiron

FOUND: iconic living

Ties that bind

Fall Restaurant Rush, bookable now

Sailor sets a course in Fort Greene

A chef’s journey from greenmarket to goulash

FOUND: sea change

Nama, stay

Two bedrooms, $2 million

Manhattan hotels, the new guard

Fall staycation upgrades

FOUND: suite digs

Go bespoke for the holidays

Fall shopping, menswear

Eulalie upturns her violet eye on Tribeca

FOUND: old-fashioned hospitality

Late fall weekend, Vermont

Ski it if you can

In the clouds at Hudson Yards

FOUND: good clean fun

Wine clubs, NYC+

Goodbyes are easy at The Irish Exit

Not Per Se, per se

Underground gourmet

FOUND: dining in transit

A pilgrimage to a Rhode Island classic

Hot last fall, Brooklyn

Buckwheat soba in Greenpoint? 100%

22 Bond’s bearers

FOUND: bookable Brooklyn hot spots

Hot last fall, Manhattan

LA’s best burritos, wrapped and shipped

Le Rock, whenever you fancy

FOUND: open tables

Lounging around at JFK

Fall weekend, Berkshires

Under-the-radar counters

Shaved truffles in Tribeca

FOUND: counter culture

Grand dining rooms

Spain’s bounty in Soho

A quiet lunch in the in-between

FOUND: lunch with an old friend

Radio Kwara dials it up (stand by for new menu)

NYC hotels, classics

Low flow

FOUND: cheat codes

Stereo stores

Foxface Natural is blowing up as we type

This is a Foxface feed now

An ode to Saint Urban (coming soon to NYC)

Meat, to your doorstep

The Olympia at full sail

New Year's resolutions

Graphics material inside

Power breakfasts*

A sushi legend returns to Tribeca

FOUND: eggs & caviar

FOUND: two scoops

NYC’s best lunch special is back

Creative coworking

Only closed deals in the building

81 favorite restaurants

Fall Restaurant Rush begins now

FOUND: Routines

FOUND: Objects

FOUND: Real Estate

FOUND: Restaurants

FOUND: Getaways

Nine Nines

Beaches, NYC and surrounds

‘I’m shocked they got $30 million for it’


13 courses, 60 minutes, $75


FOUND: the sushi hour

Town meets gown in Morningside Heights

Salumeria by day, osteria by night

FOUND: a place at the beach

Restaurants, North Fork & Shelter Island

A reservation ‘for the fucking bar’?

Art worth taking the stairs for

Wagyu beef

FOUND: a seat at the bar

Haute provisioning, Hamptons

What $20M buys in Northwest Dakota

$20M townhouses and $7M teardowns

FOUND: good taste in New Jersey

Bars, Wall Street

Surviving the trip in Maplewood

Maine restaurants, beyond Portland

A brick house on the High Line

Taking the star out of starchitecture

The way life should be

On the scent in Paris

Summer associate lunches, below 23rd

Fishing for corn cob gelato in a sea of sameness

Three hot new places in classic spaces

Brownstone Brooklyn can stand the heat

Summer weekend, Finger Lakes

Midsummer night's dream edition

Heat wave

Restaurant Yuu brings polish to Greenpoint

Korean, new-wave

Bridge & tunnel

Uptown triplex living

Restaurant of the summer '23

Nine restaurants for the summer of '23

Best of FOUND: summer holiday edition

Restaurants, Hamptons

A chiseled midsection on the Upper West Side

The 4th report: sea and be seen

Behind a secret door in LIC, peak haute Korean

Power lunches and secret doors

Summer associate lunches, above 23rd

One Wall Street: It's better at the top

Large-format meals

Pondering life atop Wall Street

Show me your Earl

More contenders for restaurant of the summer

Haute provisioning, home delivery

The restaurant of the summer, part II

Restaurants, Upstate

TriBeCa TownHouSes

Tribeca house hunting, Upstate dining, Grand Central bars, more

Toward a more civilized Grand Central bar scene

An extra gear

Libertine, an attention-grabbing bistro

Omakase, $150 and under

An early contender for restaurant of the summer

Let’s eat out tonight

Cannonballing into summer

Wine stores, Brooklyn

An intoxicating balm

Omakase, top shelf

Get the humble pie at Tatiana

Get the humble pie at Tatiana

Upscaled on West 12th Street

Rooftop cocktail scenes

The FOUND day spa report

Spring Restaurant Rush

Toward a better commute

Al fresco, patios & sidewalks

Spring Restaurant Rush: Raf’s is an unequivocal yes

Where to dine well this spring in NYC

Living that terrace life

Summer weekend, North Fork & Shelter Island

Friends & family considers the North Fork

Oil on linen

Should you be paying for restaurant reservations?

Friends & family makes 8pm reservations

A notable Greenwich Village fixer-upper

Mavericks Montauk: Do you even steak?

Friends & family heads out east

Stress-free sofa

Dimes Square dining

Big-rock mezcal Negronis

Friends & family: Dimes Square dining

NYC hotels, the new guard

Towering Sales on West 70th Street

FOUND friends & family: NYC's new guard hotels

Back to the grind

Clover Hill is peak Brooklyn Heights

FOUND friends & family elevates the experience

Summer weekend, North

At One High Line, take the good, take the bad

Friends & family packs for Upstate

Syng speakers

Friends & family: Spring Restaurant Rush

Blue skies, top-shelf deals

The only room that matters right now

FOUND friends & family: the only room that matters right now

Rejuvenating facials

Feelin’ groovy

Ueki: 12 seats of Blue Ribbon hospitality

FOUND friends & family encourages sharing

Deluxe seafood towers

Lofty heights in the Triangle Below Canal

California Hwy 1, family roadtrip

FOUND friends & family now open on Fridays

Backgammon chic

Anto is Cote in a tuxedo

FOUND friends & family starts now

Welcome to the Secret Club of the Hyper-Informed